“I was rear ended and needed a PI lawyer to handle the case. Nicole took care of me from start to finish and got me a fantastic settlement. She has great communication skills and NEVER ignores phone calls, which is a very common issue attorneys have. She is young but aggressive and will not settle for low ball offers by insurance companies especially when she knows what she should get. She’s also a criminal defense attorney and as she says, law in General is about negotiating and exploiting mistakes made by the opposition, kinda like the game of chess. Count me in as a strong supporter of Lahmani Law.”

Adi R.

“My husband was in a car accident almost a year ago. He was driving to work in the morning when a dumb driver was turning on a double solid line and t-bone my husband car making the car flip a couple of times. This was his first time ever being hit, it was a very scary situation. The car was a total lost not knowing what to do where to go was a hopeless feeling. Thats when i looked around and search for a chiropractor this was about 5 months passed this incident. Not knowing that a lot of places (lawyers) dont take case’s past a long time because it is hard to win but we found a perfect chiropractor that knew someone who could help us and that was Nicole lahmani. We had no knowledge of anything but Nicole took her time to explain to listen and to work her magic. She will not settle for a low price she will do her best to get you a good number. Nicole is very skilled person with lots of knowledge and very experienced. I would highly recommend her you won’t regret it !!! Thank you so much Nicole”

Kassandra R.

“Nicole Lahmani is the definition of business professional. She has very high integrity and pays great attention to detail. I am well impressed with Nicole’s ability to communicate and simplify technical information. She is elegantly aggressive in getting what she expects as fair. I felt very comfortable with her and she really had my best interest as her highest priority. All in all Nicole possesses a combination of very rare professional qualities which is a relief in business these days and especially within her field.”

Bryce R.

“Just because there are many lawyers does not mean they are equal. Nicole isn’t just retaining a lawyer, it’s an investment in securing the best outcome possible for yourself. She is extremely knowledgeable in addition to having a vast wealth of resources amongst her peers. She never failed to completely explain every step of my trial, and never failed to what can only be described as over deliver on my expectations. In a system where the odds might be somewhat stacked against you, Nicole worked tirelessly to secure what will ultimately be an outcome I whole heartedly believe very few others, if any could have. If the need ever arises I need an attorney again, Nicole will be the first and only one I call.”

Garrett S.